Archaeological site of via Ordiere


The Bronze Age village of Via Ordiere is one of the most important and extensive sites in Romagna. Already reported in the 70s and investigated by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Emilia-Romagna during two excavation campaigns carried out in 1984 and 1985 under the scientific direction of the archaeologist Patrizia Von Eles, the town has had a long, chronologically placeable life between the Middle Bronze Age (phase BM1 – 1650-1550 BC) and the recent Bronze Age (phase BR2 – 1200 BC ca.).

The latest research carried out has allowed us to outline a total extension of about 10 hectares (100 thousand square meters), with a town divided into several residential areas.

The presence of ditches and traces of watercourses brought to light in the trenches are one of the most interesting elements for the continuation of research. In particular, in trenches 1 and 3 a ditch has been identified that defines the southern edge of the site with a direction from north-west to south-east. Next to trench 1 a large excavation area has been opened (sector 1) where traces of a small embankment and part of the town dating back to the initial phases of the Middle Bronze Age (phases BM1 – BM2) can be recognized.
Belong to this phase characteristic elements of the archaeological facies well attested in central Italy (facies of Grotta Nuova) and Romagna (Farneto group – Monte Castellaccio di Imola) and characteristic elements of the Emilian terramaricola facies.

The advanced stages of the Middle Bronze Age (BM3) have been identified in the western part (trenches 8 and 10), south of a second ditch of large size and strong depth, filled by sediments from the Bronze Age and alluvial sands from the pre-Roman age. The finds related to this phase include fragments with Apennine decoration and handles with horned ends typical of the Apennine facies, next to loops with expanded horns, widespread in the terramaricola area.
On the eastern edge (trench 13) part of the archaeological deposit dating back to the Late Bronze Age (BR1-2) has been located, attested, as well as the Middle Bronze Age 3, also in the intermediate areas, confirming together with the data of surface chronology and extension of the inhabited area.

Where is it: in via Ordiere n.3

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