Carlo Zauli Museum


The museum was opened in 2002 in the premises that were the workshop of Carlo Zauli, considered one of the greatest ceramic sculptors of the 20th century and a point of inspiration for many contemporary artists.

In 1949 Carlo Zauli bought, along with three fellow students, the workshop of ceramist Mario Morelli, housed in the stables of the monastery of St. Francis and overlooked by the church’s imposing bell tower, which was immediately earmarked for artisanal production with distinctly contemporary features. Over the years Zauli, who remained the sole head of the studio, transformed the old workshop into a complex and vast sculpture atelier, building around the old heart of the workshop, the kiln room, a series of buildings that today constitute the Carlo Zauli Museum.
During the 1960s, Carlo Zauli’s work evolved into an increasingly sculptural dimension, determining the identity of this place as it has been preserved to this day and is an integral part of the museum itinerary: from the room for glazing and firing, where the walls and ceiling blackened by smoke from the wood-burning kiln bear witness to the history of the place, to the clay cellar where sacks of the different soils from all over Europe are still stacked, to the long room of the molding for monumental works with the “equipped” wall in which the large high reliefs were molded directly vertically.

The Carlo Zauli Museum since 2002 in Faenza has been promoting the work and history of Carlo Zauli, one of the most important ceramic sculptors of the 20th century, through a collection, general archive, publications and events. In parallel, he disseminates contemporary languages, particularly declined on ceramics, a material of the Faenza tradition.
The museum is located in the historic atelier of the Faenza sculptor, preserved in its original state and still in use for residencies with artists, educational workshops, workshops, installations, concerts, performances, temporary stores and private events.
In fact, with a dense calendar of events, it revives that vital and experimental spirit that has characterized its atmosphere since 1949, becoming a point of reference in the territory and in Italy in artistic production and dissemination. In addition to the collection dedicated to Carlo Zauli, it exhibits contemporary works, the result of the curatorial project Artist Residency, on a rotating basis.

Carlo Zauli Museum
Via della Croce 6, Faenza
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