Castel Bolognese


Castel Bolognese is located in that fortunate middle ground between hills and plains where you can enjoy the benefits of both Environments; The historic center is adorned with elegant buildings and is embellished by the Angelo Biancini Open Air Museum and the Civic Museum. About 2 km from the town center is the Mulino Scodellino, an example of the series of mills built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries along the canal that took its name from them. The mill probably owes its name to the “scudella” of flour that the miller kept for milling. The Municipality of Castel Bolognese acquired possession of it in 1489 and has kept it uninterruptedly until today.

Although the name can be misleading, Castelbolognese is located in the province of Ravenna as well as all six municipalities of Romagna Faentina: the town’s name, however, reveals its origins because at the end of the fourteenth century the Bolognese, to ensure an outpost in the direction of Romagna, transformed the existing bastia in the locality called Passo delle Catene into a fortified castle.


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