Guerrino Tramonti Museum


On display in the rooms are the works that in the author’s opinion best reflect his artistic journey: an immense variety of shapes and colors and a sublime expressive world created by an original color sensibility, also applied to paintings on canvas and panel.

The exhibition offers an opportunity to trace the essential aspects of the artistic journey of Guerrino Tramonti (1915 – 1992), a sculptor, ceramist and painter from Faenza.
The museum created by the artist himself in 1987 inside his home is now open to the public and can be visited regularly thanks to the activities of the Guerrino Tramonti Foundation created by his son Marco in order to enhance his father’s work. The tour winds its way through seven rooms in which some 400 works are displayed, providing an overview of this artist’s creative flair.
Aside from a few pieces of commercial production, the collection is composed of exquisitely artistic creations starting with terracotta sculptures from the 1930s and 1940s, paintings from the Venetian period (1944-47), and polychrome glazed ceramic works.
Continuing along the exhibition itinerary, one can admire his works inspired by the materials and techniques of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics, as well as the famous decorative discs, executed with the thick glazing technique, ‘invented’ by the artist in 1953 at the time when he headed the Castelli School of Art.
At the end of the path are oil paintings, works made by Tramonti between the late 1960s and 1992, the year of his death. Completing the tour is a reconstruction of the artist’s studio with working tools and the last unfinished painting on the easel.

8 Via Fratelli Rosselli, Faenza
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