Lom a Merz

The ancient tradition of bonfires of pruning shoots

Every year the ancient tradition of the Lom a Merz is renewed in Romagna: a very ancient festival, during which between the end of February and the beginning of March, the vine shoots made up of pruning shoots were burned in the fields, and the evil bearer of misfortune, drawing auspices for future harvests. Literally in fact it can be translated as making "light in March" thus welcoming the new season, to facilitate its coming and to drive away winter, in the hope of having a good agricultural year. The fires lasted for hours on end as men and women and children gathered around there to warm themselves and make light for March, that is, to illuminate the month that came wishing to bring spring and all that it entailed. The tradition continues to be perpetuated throughout Romagna, from the hills to the plains, with many fires lighting up the countryside.

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