Riolo Terme


Riolo Terme is one of Italy’s most renowned health spas and resorts, situated on a small, lush plateau that the Senio River bypasses on its way to the Po Valley. The old part of the village was born in the fourteenth century as a village, gathered within a circle of robust Walls, around the mighty Fortress that houses the Museum of the Apennines and where the events of Caterina Sforza are told, while the most recent part extends near the majestic Parco delle Terme, in perfect fin de siècle style. The name Riolo derives from “Rio Doccia”, a very modest watercourse, with a pluvial character, located at the Rocca. For more than two centuries, given the characteristics of the stream, the village was called “Riolo Secco.”

In 1914, because of the therapeutic value of the waters that flowed nearby, the name Riolo dei Bagni was adopted. When finally in 1957 the local spa came to national attention, the name of the town was converted to the present one. Among its natural beauties, we point out the Grotta del Re Tiberio, the most famous and celebrated cave of the Parco della Vena del Gesso Romagnola.

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