The open-air museum Angelo Biancini


There is a country where art and landscape have perfectly integrated, giving rise to a valuable outdoor museum. Castel Bolognese, in the hinterland of the Ravenna plain, where since 1995 among its streets, squares and avenues it is possible to admire some important works by Angelo Biancini. Scattered throughout the town’s historic center are some 20 sculptures and panels made of bronze, metal alloy, concrete, and glazed ceramics.
The works that decorate and embellish Castel Bolognese represent an ideal journey through Biancini’s art history, following his artistic evolution from the 1930s until his death (1988).
Strolling through the town, it will be possible to admire statues that blend in with the trees on the boulevards, works that embellish the central square, and sculptures that mark the town’s entrance gates. The great merit of this open-air museum is that it contributes to the awareness and appreciation of Biancini’s talent. His masterpieces have now become an integral part of Castel Bolognese’s urban scenery and perspectives, expressions of a whimsical and outspoken artist as well as evidence of a strong bond with his land.

Among the most representative works deployed in the country: “The Romagnola Mondina” and “Mother in Waiting” (both 1973), “The Legionnaire’s Mother” (1935), “Heroic Women” (1961), “Way of the Cross” (1977), and “Tree of Life” (1983).

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