Ceramic tradition

The craft tradition of Faenza

Potter Roberto Reali explains the various stages of shaping a vase on a potter's wheel: shaping, drying, finishing, firing.

The first stage is modeling, in which the potter begins to shape the clay. The shape of the vessel is defined by the movement of the potter’s hands, which must be precise and fluid.

Once the shape of the jar has been defined, the drying phase begins. At this stage, the clay loses excess water and becomes firmer. Drying should be done gradually to prevent the clay from cracking. Drying may take several days, depending on the size of the jar.

Once the clay is completely dry, the finishing stage begins. At this stage, the potter removes imperfections and adds detail to the vessel.

The last stage is the cooking stage. At this stage, the pot is brought to high temperatures to make it strong and durable. Baking can be done in gas, electric, or wood-fired ovens. The firing temperature and duration vary depending on the type of clay used.

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