The Herb Garden “A. Ceroni”


Named after its founder Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni, it is a botanical garden created with the aim of preserving and cultivating plants of medicinal and aromatic.

The Herb Garden, inaugurated at its current location in 1975 and now named after its founder Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni, was established in 1938 with the goal of teaching, preserving and cultivating plants of medicinal and aromatic interest. Owned by the Emilia-Romagna Region, since 2016 the Management is entrusted to the Parco della Vena del Gesso Romagnola with management to the Senio Valley Mountain. The Garden, included in the Museum circuit of the province of Ravenna and Italian botanical gardens, has over 480 species of medicinal plants used in cooking, medicine, and cosmetics since the late Middle Ages, when
were worked in convent workshops.
The complex constitutes a center of knowledge and appreciation regarding the cultivation and use of medicinal plants, thanks to activities and purposes ranging from research to popularization and from experimentation to education, involving both experts and visitors of all ages.

Professor Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni (1913-1999) was an educator, a pioneer of Italian herbalism, and the creator and animator of many tourist and cultural initiatives that brought prestige to Casola Valsenio.
His work developed mainly in the field of herbalism beginning in the late 1930s with the planting of an early medicinal plant garden, then developed symbiotically with the schools he directed, until the creation in the 1970s of the Herb Garden. A life path dedicated to the study, popularization and experimentation on medicinal plants especially lavender.

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