The Viae Misericordiae

A devotional itinerary through the territory

Il Cammino della Misericordia is a pilgrimage route that winds through the paths of the Diocese of Faenza-Modigliana, in Emilia-Romagna. The route, which covers a length of about 100 kilometers, consists of 11 stages, which can be done individually or in sequence. Il cammino della Misericordia project was born in 2016, on the occasion of the Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. The goal is to offer pilgrims an opportunity to experience faith, nature and culture in the heart of the Faenza Apennines.

The Cammino della Misericordia is an itinerary from Bagnacallo to Faenza on the paths of the Diocese of Faenza-Modigliana. This project was born from the enthusiasm, devotion and gratitude to the Lord Jesus and Mother Mary of a few people who wanted to bring together and share the heritage of traditions, Faith, history, art and culture of the Faenza area.

The route consists of several stages, which can be done as one finds best, ranging from Pomposa Abbey to Bagnacavallo, from Solarolo to the Hermitage of Gamogna, and then back in a loop route to Bagnacavallo. An itinerary that remains in the heart to rediscover the educational and spiritual value of prayer tourism.

For more information about the route, see Il Cammino della Misericordia

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