Casola Valsenio

Casola Valsenio is a town in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, known for its production of medicinal plants, including lavender. The municipal area is rich in natural and cultural attractions, including the Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni Herb Garden, the Rocca di Monte Battaglia and the Cardello. Casola Valsenio is a territory rich in history, culture and nature, which offers visitors the opportunity to discover a fascinating world full of surprises.

The territory of the Municipality of Casola Valsenio, included in the hilly and mountainous area of the province of Ravenna, can be defined as a ” small Italian Provence” for the close link with medicinal plants, among which lavender stands out. The deep-rooted attention to greenery, nature and the environment has also favored the recovery of ancient fruit plants that provided the peasant population of the past with an important food contribution.

Casola Vasenio is also known as the Country of Forgotten Herbs and Fruits for the culture that the territory places in the rediscovery and preservation of the different medicinal and aromatic species that characterize it, giving natural views of rare beauty.

Among the most striking is the one offered by the view from the Rocca di Monte Battaglia, which overlooks the Romagna Chalk Vein Regional Park.

Of extraordinary interest is the Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni Herb Garden, one of the largest botanical gardens in Europe, where over 400 species of medicinal plants are preserved and preserved. A short distance from the town stands the Cardello, birthplace of the Faenza writer Alfredo Oriani.

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