House Museum “Il Cardello”


“Il Cardello” is located in the hills of Casola Valsenio and is the building where Alfredo Oriani spent most of his life and wrote all his works.

The house-museum of Alfredo Oriani (1852-1909) is called “Il Cardello.” It stands on the remains of the former guesthouse of the Benedictine abbey of Valsenio, dating back to the 11th century. Purchased by Alfredo’s father in 1855. It was later restored in 1926 respecting the original structure.
Instead, of the prevailing fascist style in vogue in those years are the tombs of the writer and his family, made between 1923 and ’24. The interior offers an example of a typical Romagna mansion of the late 19th century. Despite the undue removal of some art and furniture items during the last world war. In fact, the famous Portrait of Ariosto, already attributed to Titian, came from the Cardello.
The furniture consists of locally crafted furniture. In particular, the kitchen is characteristic of the late 19th century Romagnolo taste placed on the ground floor of the building.

The studiolo houses the approximately six hundred volumes of Oriani’s library. While the archive is allocated in the lodge. In the spacious attic, where a small estate museum is set up, the writer’s famous bicycle is on display.
Remarkably interesting is the park. Characterized by the centuries-old cypress tree, the symbol of Cardello, along with the nearby tower. Thirty thousand plants can be counted dating back to the green enrichment works around the house-museum, which began in the 1920s. The vast and lush park is declared by the Ministry of Culture and Environment ‘an area of considerable public interest’ (Ministerial Decree June 16, 1975).

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