Milzetti Palace


Palazzo Milzetti, home of the National Museum of the Neoclassical Age in Romagna since 2001, is one of the most important neoclassical residences in Italy. A place where architecture, painting, sculpture and applied arts come together in a whole capable of telling the aristocratic culture of a family of the full Napoleonic period. The name of the building is linked to that of the Milzetti family who became its owner at the beginning of the '600 and then completely renovated it between the end of the '700 and the beginning of the '800

Casola Valsenio


Casola Valsenio is a town in the Tuscan-Romagna Apennines, known for its production of medicinal plants, including lavender. The municipal area is rich in natural and cultural attractions, including the Augusto Rinaldi Ceroni Herb Garden, the Rocca di Monte Battaglia and the Cardello. Casola Valsenio is a territory rich in history, culture and nature, which offers visitors the opportunity to discover a fascinating world full of surprises.